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What is all this hype about alkaline water?

To answer this question, I must first help you understand what alkaline water is. Consider you have already talked to us at Alkalicious about how important your pH is to your general health and well being. If you haven't, you should! Now, how to get alkaline or improve your urine pH to that blue-green 7.34, a hotly disputed goal. Many will tell you "it cannot be done" or "your body was designed to regulate that". Yes it was, until it didn't! All of our organs were designed to self regulate but many people find themselves in hospitals for overwhelmed and poorly functioning organs. In this case we are speaking of the stomach and pancreas.

So let those naysayers live and just see for yourself! Many springs can still boast water with a sufficiently alkaline pH, because the hopefully untainted water runs over the minerals of the rock beds below it and receives and holds a charge. In turn, when you drink the water, your cells become charged and begin a number of positive body processes. Different minerals provide a different level of charge. No spring in your back yard? Enter alkaline water machine, simulating a similar catalyst.

Well, at Alkalicious we are not into encouraging gimmicks or using a lot of one thing to fix the problems of many things. Namely, an overall acidic diet, lifestyle or environment. Alkaline water should be PART of a healthy more alkaline forming diet. Not a crutch. I have met many people who say "I love alkaline water!!! When I drink it I feel amazing and when I don't drink it I go back to feeling bad"- to which I respond "Well, how is the REST of your diet?" Because alkaline water is wasted if you are still feeding your body crap (mostly acidic foods).

The alkaline water has a purpose within your body! Just for starters, it opens yours cells and begins a chain reaction of pulling in hydration and nutrients and activating enzymes. If you are not feeding your body high quality nutrients most of the time, you are relying on your water in much the way you were over-relying on your pancreas BEFORE you drank alkaline water!

All that said (and there is so much more) alkaline water -and foods, herbs and spices- also helps to plump and separate dehydrated red blood cells, speeds up near dormant white blood cells. White blood cells resume their task of cleaning debris and attacking foreign invaders. Enzyme work on repairing cells and DNA.

Our customers report boosts in energy, weight loss (toxin release), reduced pain and inflammation, faster workout recovery and more. So, as you see alkaline water can be an excellent tool in your arsenal to look and feel better in many ways!



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