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That moment, when Kerri asked me why Alkaline balance is important! (Swoon!)

When you have enjoyed the benefits of maintaining alkaline balance over almost a decade, you welcome an opportunity to tell others WHY it makes you so feel great and keeps you trim. That is why I was so happy when Kerri surprised me with her first question!

"What do we need to know about alkaline balance and why it is important?" She asked. Well, as living beings - plants, pets, wildlife, and yes even HUMANS- our pH balance (or alkaline balance) is important. A fish tank that is not pH balanced could quickly result in loss of a pet and a garden with unbalanced soil may not yield the best crop, if any. Why would we be any different? We talk about this and simplifying goals for success!

For a little more info on this I touch on alkaline wellness here.

Tune in below for my interview with Kerri of The Hampton Roads Show.



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