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Talking Alkaline balance...

Consider your pH balance for improved wellness!
A simple shift in food choices can create balance...

Sometimes a simple shift in food selection can have a positive impact on our general well being that would surprise you... From feeling tired or high in energy, to taking on or reducing symptoms of disease, to weight gain or loss: All foods have either an acidifying or an alkalizing effect on the body.

Our pH works in tandem with our body temperature to make conditions optimal for eliminating toxins, giving energy to our blood cells and activating enzymes, even repairing on a cellular and DNA level. Alkaline foods and drinks will tilt you toward a positive pH while acidifying foods are like a thumb on the pH scale, pulling you down literally. But this does not mean one must or should ONLY eat alkaline food- many people make that all or nothing assumption, going from one extreme to another. Many people find they feel much improved by having a balance of 80% alkaline foods/ drinks and 20% acidic. That may seem like a big jump, but if your diet has been quite bad, you will find even reducing acidic foods to less than 40% and increasing alkaline foods to 60% is a great place to start moving the needle toward getting more alkaline. When our bodies are in balance we tend to feel more energy, sleep better, recover from workouts and injury better, and enjoy improved endurance and performance with exercise.

Alkaline water can certainly help with getting on track, as can green vegetable juices like our Kalicious and Hydralicious. But there are other nutrient dense options too, such as a splash of lemon in water or a hot green tea. And there are many foods that are alkaline forming- watermelon, lemons and limes, avocados, kale, spinach and cucumbers, for example. Superfoods such as seaweed, sea moss, spirulina, chlorella, and trace minerals are helpful too. When you think of your diet when was the last time you had an uncooked green vegetable? The advantage of a green juice or green smoothie is that you have a quick and delicious way to get raw servings of greens in your system other than a salad. The internet has many resources for alkaline food & drink lists available. One of my favorite is

Of course, before making any major dietary or fitness changes, it is recommended you consult your physician, especially if pregnant, taking medications or ill or elderly.


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