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Thinking About Trying a Juice Cleanse?

Allow Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar to prepare fresh juices for your cleanse! Whether you are looking for a system reboot, weight loss, or jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle, we take the real work off your hands so you can simply incorporate our beverages into your day. If you have been thinking about trying a juice cleanse but do not know how to get started, we've done all the legwork for you! And a juice cleanse is a great way to let go of unwanted toxins and bloat, flush constipation along, and get key minerals and nutrients to your cells, tissues and organs quickly. Clients report increased energy, weight loss, focus and mental clarity as the top benefits of doing any of our juice cleanses. If you are being treated for any health conditions, taking prescribed medications, and before embarking on any dietary or wellness changes, please consult your physician. Our juices are not "pasteurized" of course, so please take this into consideration if you are immuno-compromised, elderly, or pregnant.

We offer three different cleanses of varying lengths and nutrients to suit your needs and goals. Call us at 757-698-4430 to place your order and we will schedule your pick up time. Most customers like to pick up the evening before the start of their cleanse so they can begin first thing in the morning. These are fresh real juices, so please do not pick up your cleanse several days before you will be able to begin!

Please note: For the 2-Day Water Cleanse, please bring your own gallon jugs (2). We haven't been able to supply them for some time now. For the Renewal Package, please call at least 12-24 hrs in advance to we can order your produce and prepare your package in queue, as it may be possible that someone has placed an order ahead of you.

We offer three different cleanse styles of varying length, intensity, purpose and nutrients to suit your needs and goals:

Master Cleanse (1/2 gallon): Based off the classic master cleanse recipe that has been around since at least the the 70s and popularized by Beyonce and many wellness gurus. It is commonly preceded in the morning by a Himalayan salt flush (2 teaspoons of raw organic Himalayan salt in a quart of room temp water). We offer the Master Cleanse as 1 half gallon juice to consume in one day. You may purchase as many days you need. Price $35

2-Day Water Cleanse (2 gallon of high alkaline water, 2 Kalicious green juices) A water flush of your entire system that also sustains you with minerals and nutrients to rebuild and repair. Each of the two days, you would consume one gallon of high alkaline water and 1 of our 16 oz Kalicious juices. Price: $32

Renewal Package (Six different 16 oz juices per day): This all-juices cleanse can been ordered in 1, 3, 5, and 7 day increments. It includes a Rise n' Shine, Nut Milk, Kalicious, 24 Karat, Root Juice and Hydralicious. For the nut milk you have a choice of cashew or almond milk. The package comes with guidelines to assist you through this process. Juice changes and customizations are an additional $2/ bottle. Prices: $69-$440 + tx

Remember, if you would like to learn more about alkaline living or if you are having a wellness issue that needs attention, Lisa is available for an affordable one-on-one wellness consult! Call to reserve a time today! 757-698-4430

Renewal package juice cleanse
The Renewal Package, Alkalicious' premium juice cleanse


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