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Alkalicious Now offering Vegan Food Delivery!

Looking for vegan delivery in Hampton Roads? Well, Alkalicious is really excited to announce we've now added vegan food and drink delivery online, in addition to online pick-up. We now have multiple options available for delivery or pick-up, including our preferred partner, Uber Eats! So now you have easier access to our vegan food and drinks like our Big Sexy Burger, Cheesy Veggie Flatbread, Basil Pesto Panini, cold pressed juices and smoothies!

As you know, we rely on the delivery driver to keep cold things cold and hot things hot, but for best experience, we recommend using such service if you live within a 2-3 mile radius because some drivers may take on multiple stops or get stuck in a traffic jam! With that in mind, smoothies can begin to melt and "real food" and "plant food" can get soggy or wilt in time with condensation. Of course, we will do our absolute best to avoid this!

As always we look forward to serving you delicious plant based options!

Alkalicious Juice Bar now offers vegan food delivery via Uber and Doordash
Alkalicious Juice Bar now offers vegan food and drink delivery via Uber Eats and Doordash

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