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Visiting Hampton Roads soon? You are Sure to Stay on Target with Alkalicious!

Travel can really make maintaining your plant-based lifestyle more challenging, but if you are coming to Hampton Roads soon, Alkalicious has your back!

Virginia is for Lovers! Plant-based lovers too!
Virginia is for lovers! Including plant-based lovers!

Welcome to Chesapeake, Virginia! I get it! I have been on this plant-based "journey" for 12 years and throughout that time I have travelled for conventions, job interviews, military PCS moves around the world a couple times, and for pleasure visiting family or on vacation. All different reasons for ending up in unfamiliar places, but there was one thing I did before EVERY trip. I always "toured" the area online before my arrival so I could plot my alkaline recovery from the flight and navigate between more socially relaxed meals and getting in my green juices and vegan meals!

At Alkalicious, we understand it is much more challenging to stay on track when you do not have the comfort of your usual routines, your kitchen and refrigerator, your health food store, your favorite vegan restaurants and juice bar. That is why we field calls daily from out-of-towners that have special dietary needs- celery juice every morning, half gallon carrot juice, a bottle of ginger for daily shots, a juice cleanse to keep a fast going, a mid-day keto smoothie or a few juices to keep in the hotel mini-bar and so on.

If you are able to peel yourself away to pick up or dine-in know that we have comfortable seating available, a restroom and free wifi. Bring a friend or colleague along and make yourselves at home. Your guest is sure to find dishes they will enjoy too, such as our Big Sexy veggie burger, Basil Pesto Panini and smoothies and shakes.

But for those times when you cannot get away or have no transportation did you know we can now deliver Alkalicious vegan food and beverages right to your hotel room, host home, temporary office or meeting space? We now offer Uber Eats and Doordash for your convenience. Don't get me wrong- I would love to meet you in person when you are visiting Hampton Roads soon! But I am pleased to able to also offer you options. Either way, let us serve you when in Hampton Roads!



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