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Vegan Meal Prep for Busy Folks

UPDATE- We enjoyed bringing you meal prep prior to the pandemic. Since then, we do not have the capability to continue the program. We will strive to be able to offer again in the future.

2019 has truly been the year of exploring vegan food! Whether you have been toying with the idea of changing your diet or just saw "What the Health" or "The Game Changers" (if you haven't seen them PLEASE check them out! Ask us to turn it on for you at the juice bar! But I digress...) figuring out how to get started or finding time to do it is a big challenge today. That is where Meal Prep comes in!

Many people have become interested in transitioning to a more plant based lifestyle but are confounded by lack of time to prepare, lack of experience with recipes, lack of room in the fridge, etc. At Alkalicious, we strip away all the challenges and give you a choice of raw or cooked vegan meals that do not sacrifice flavor. It gives you a chance to experience the benefits of eating plant based meals, whether you are just adding one dish a day or going all in!

Our Meal Prep offers a choice of cooked or raw meals and cater to your flavor preferences and dietary needs. Orders must be placed no later than Sunday 4pm and Wednesday 7pm. You can also stop in on any Monday or Thursday evening after 5PM to sample some dishes and choose your meal boxes and snack boxes. Whether you need one box or twelve, we support all your on the go needs.

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