• - Lisa

Best Hot Chocolate in Chesapeake!

Visit Chesapeake listed us as one of the best places to find a hot chocolate a while ago... They are right! We do serve up a yummy "Hot Cacao", made with all real organic and raw ingredients! We top it off with a rich homemade coconut whipped cream! Also, if you like egg nog, you should definitely try our N'egg Nogg this holiday season! So yummy!

We also have hot green matcha tea, masala chai tea, and golden milk on our hot drink menu!

Our version of hot chocolate got the attention of the Visit Chesapeake! Picture, small Hot Cacao with whipped cream.


Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar

733 Eden Way N Ste 402 Chesapeake, VA 23320

Phone: (757) 698-4430

Mon-Fri: 10AM-7PM

Sat: 10AM-7PM

Sun: 10AM-4PM

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